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Diabetes is also known as sugar disease, and it mainly affects the body's utilization of glucose, which is the energy fuel of the body. The pancreas produces the insulin hormone, and it helps glucose enter the cell, and then it is converted to energy. People who suffer diabetes cannot have plenty of insulin, or their body's insulin doesn't work as it is supposed to function normally. Due to which glucose doesn't enter the cell, and excessive sugar in the blood can make kids sick leading to medical problems. One should understand the types of diabetes and symptoms of the disease to make a difference in managing childhood diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes and obesity - Thought type 2 diabetes and obesity are quite common, but of late, there is a high rise in children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and obesity. This is mainly because of unhealthy food habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and less or no physical activity. Though people suffering from type 2 diabetes produce insulin but in inadequate amounts or insulin not sufficient enough to allow the glucose to enter the cells. The treatment for type 2 diabetes may vary from person to person, and it will include a perfect fusion of exercise, diet, and oral medications.

Symptoms of Type l Diabetes:

One should always remember the four T's:

• T-Extreme Thirst

• T-Toilet C frequent Urination

• T-Thin C Extreme Weight loss

• T- Tired

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your child, you should visit a doctor and insist on getting a blood sugar test done. Your child can show a better reaction to treatments if type 1 diabetes is diagnosed early.