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Pituitary gland diseases

The master endocrine gland is known as the pituitary gland and is located at the bottom of the brain. The gland produces growth hormones, and they are also responsible for influencing the function of the endocrine gland. The excessive or inadequate hormone mainly causes the disorder of the pituitary gland.

Some diseases of the pituitary glands are:

Pituitary hormone deficiency- This disease is mainly caused due to the ill-functioning of the pituitary gland and affects the body systems in multiple ways.

Septo optic dysplasia- Congenital syndrome affects ovular nerves, and often it is correlated with pituitary disorders.

Pituitary Tumour - The main problem caused due to the pituitary tumor is abnormal growth.

Diabetes -insipidus (CDI) t indicates water balance disorder. The Diabetes insipidus takes place when the pituitary gland produces an inadequate Antidiuretic hormone (ADH).

Hyper Protod-enemies - Under this condition, proton-in, the hormone is produced in a significant amount, and it is responsible for producing milk.